No Peace Within

Real peace these men don’t know, for they’ve chosen God as their foe.

They scoff at God’s Anointed One, while cursing God’s begotten Son.

Men opposed to the Author of life, with hearts full of malice and strife.

These men are simply empty clouds, stirring hatred among the crowds.

But like the cloud that dissipates, so is the fool when it’s God he hates.

Like the clouds that are blown away, these men will not be here to stay.

Bold and arrogant are these men, and by God they will be condemned.

Wild beasts marked for destruction, are the fools of Satan’s seduction.

These Sinful men filled with vanity, are mere blots on all of humanity.

They foolishly stand against God, and on them Jesus Christ will trod.

Having abandoned the Law of God, they will face His Son’s Iron Rod.

With no fear of God in these men, they will all be eternally condemned.

As they foolishly profane God’s Name, they are playing a deadly game.

Not only will they lose the game, they shall also confess Christ’s name.

And that is only the beginning friend, as a fiery abyss will be their end.

They will go down in total defeat, with all other foes under Christ’s feet.

He will destroy them with His breath, and cast them with sin and death.

All to be cast into the Lake of Fire, for God’s Love was not their desire.

Since His Truth they didn’t embrace, they will never again see His face.

And finally as we enjoy Eternal Bliss, their wickedness we will not miss.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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Afzal Shauq's picture

well done a great love and lovely poem for peace..this is a very good poem and like it much...your poetry is rich and inspiring too..hope you add more poems to enjoy... and wish if you go through my poems too... I am basically a peace dreamer and peacew wisher poet with 6 books and believe in love for all and peaceful world... let me share with you one of my owns says regarding peaceful life...(( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with...afzal shauq )) hope we save the ailing world with our love poems... for ensuring the peace