“It is no use !!  Fate icily shrieks;

“There IS a way”, Love tenderly retaliates.

“You LIE !! “  screams Fate;

“I love”,  Love reiterates.

“You DIE !!” Fate hisses, with threatening blast;

“I live” Love breathes, when all of Fate has passed.

“You win” confesses Fate, “Love’s sigh drowns my threat”.

“I AM” echoes Love, “I AM. & all who accept Me get

                        Hope & Life & Love,

                        for I am in them all”.

                                      Love’s faint but eternal response

                                       repeats  God’s first &  lasting  Promise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writtn from sketches made while standing n front of the little white Catholic church on Doc Lap Street, Tourane, Quang Ngai, Viet Nam, 1967, watching soldiers, nuns, and Saffron-robbed priests look at each other.

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Kathy Nguyen's picture

Wow. Just reading this poem itself really makes me want to go to Vietnam now. I have so much traveling to do! And I love the simplicity in this poem---the dialog between Fate and Love is impressive with the rhyming scheme. I love it! We should all know that love is the strongest promise; it is stronger than time and death... *smiles* I especially love the last stanza.