Stay Golden

They said it was only a dream.

I say that anything can be achieved.

They said I will never make it

I say that they are sorely mistaken.

They said I'm living in a fantasy.

I say that its no fun to live in reality.

They said they are terribly disappointed.

I say that they are all just jealous.

They said I will only find defeat.

I say I'll still continue to believe.

They said they were proud of me...

because I made it with my own beliefs.




Don't let anyone say what you can and cannot do. Everything is possible as long as you believe it is. Eventually your own push and the will to succeed will bring you to glory, No matter what dream.




PeterChristopherRaymond's picture

Fantastic! I know what it's

Fantastic! I know what it's like to stick to one's guns as the expression goes and have everyone deride you for it only to respect you for it later. Nicely told. You really nailed what it means to go against the grain. :)

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Say Die? Never!

My mantra: If you do one thing long enough you are bound to get good at it. Alas, keep on keepin' on, hang in there, stay the course, take a likin' and keep on tickin'...persevere, believe in yourself - the notion is sooooooo important. Drop the ball and pick it up is what I say - loved this one. So positive and encouraging - write on! - Just Bein' Stella