Stay Golden

They said it was only a dream.

I say that anything can be achieved.

They said I will never make it

I say that they are sorely mistaken.

They said I'm living in a fantasy.

I say that its no fun to live in reality.

They said they are terribly disappointed.

I say that they are all just jealous.

They said I will only find defeat.

I say I'll still continue to believe.

They said they were proud of me...

because I made it with my own beliefs.




Don't let anyone say what you can and cannot do. Everything is possible as long as you believe it is. Eventually your own push and the will to succeed will bring you to glory, No matter what dream.




Never Led Your Dreams Astray


 We all seem to have a dream hidden deep with inside us

 Something not many like to discuss

We are afraid of thoughts

Afraid of the media's loopholes and knots

Don't you know its ok to be scared?

No one ever starts out prepared

Who ever said it was easy?

Im not trying to make things cheesy

Im just trying to say

Don't led your dreams astray

After all you'll never know what you've been through

Until your dreams come true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream is something that you should pursue. Don't wait around.... just go for it