One Bullet

If i just had one bullet left i would save it till the end is near ; becuz death is the only thing i fear -- earth is like a curse and the bullet is the freedom that lays me back on that dirt -- & i wouldnt blow my brians out if i had to die -- becuz im in love with these words that come out this mind -- so i shoot my heart so i wont feel the pain nor will i feel the shame becuz life is a bitch so ima be an asshole and say fuck life becuz im playin russian roulette with my soul -- but maybe if things where different the outcome would change -- if i had jus had one bullet i would keep that shit framed -- for i can see that picture perfect image that keeps me insane -- to remind me dat each day is da fucckn same -- cuz i rather turn off da lights knowin wats there then to go into dis lair and not be aware -- so u can call me a coward for not leaving life -- but life is my bitch so ima fight & ima fight -- cuz to tell u da truth da only thing that keeps me alive -- is this motha fucckn earth & this thing we call life ~


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I like this one as well,

I like this one as well, cause its very detailed, and your showing yourself, and whats going on threw your head. You dont want to die, yet with all the things that happen, you see it. You deal with it, but you dont let yourself become blind sighted.