Why Is It The Easter Bunny?

It's Easter!
Another holiday!
One that is,
like Halloween
in one way!
They both involve candy!

I’ve always wondered,
why it was the Easter bunny,
and not the Easter Chicken.
Bunnies don’t lay eggs,
chickens lay eggs!

Is it because bunnies
are soft and fluffy,
and chickens are
soft and feathery?

I'll probably never know,
since I cannot ask
those who created the holiday,
since they aren't around anymore.

I never understood
why the heck
there was an
Easter Bunny and not
an Easter Chicken!
It never made much sense to me,
and I was never able to understand.

Why is it the Easter Bunny
that hops around on Easter,
leaving little suprises
for all the children that
celebrate Easter?

Why is it not the Easter Chicken
that flap-jumps around on Easter,
and leaves the children the
little plastic eggs with candy inside?

Why? I ask,
but never get an answer to,
and probably never will.
I'll just have to accept it,
and just ignore it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Questioning why it's an Easter bunny that goes around, instead of an Easter Chicken. Please let me know what you think!

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    Personaly I think it is



Personaly I think it is because Easter eggs are made en mass because bunnies breed very well.  Also it may refer to the number of people to be reserrected like Christ when the time comes. Or because bunnies hide in the wild but chickens are cooped up or fenced in. Enjoyed your poem and your ponder about bunnies or chickens for Easter.




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Thanks!!! And that is

Thanks!!! And that is something to think about!