The Easter Bunny (60 second challenge)

60 second poems

The Easter Bunny,
hopping through the night.
Leaving the children
little surprises.
A little egg here,
and another one here!

He hops quickly,
having to get to
a lot of houses
in just one nite!
The Easter Bunny!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A 60 second challenge poem! I hope you like it!

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Easter eggs have

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Thanks for commenting. I

Thanks for commenting. I don't know if I'll be downloading anything, but thanks for thinking of me... :)


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The Jelly Bean Pusher

Kids love that stuff
especiually the all black ones
and the rabbit, cool as Roger,
comes in through the front door
with a magic basket
an egg nogger, a marshmellow
chick reaper.

I know the kind, like that
cat in the red coat, and the faery
with all the dentures, dropping
by for a chance to give away
their addictions, money,
candy canes, it's all the same,
rabbit habits.

Lady A



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I like this! It's cute!

I like this! It's cute!