Leaving Me Behind

Baby sister Poems

I feel sad,
and really bad,
maybe even a little mad.

You left the earth,
leaving me behind,
not ever to return.

All through your funeral,
I was by your side,
hoping you’d open your eyes.
Waiting for you to look at me,
grinning your special smile,
that showed that you love me.

I wouldn’t let anyone near,
and I reached out my hand,
placing it on your cheek.

I was startled,
your face was so cold,
no sign of warmth.

Feeling sad,
also bad,
but not mad.

Seeing your casket,
lowered into the ground,
It made this all final.

You wouldn’t be coming home,
wouldn’t be coming home,
you had left me.

You’re my baby sissy,
the one I’m connected to by blood,
the one I lost to death.

You lost your battle,
your battle with cancer,
and left me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I wrote in 8th grade about my little sister's death, and I think it kind of shows the pain that I felt. Please Comment on it!

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