60 Seconds (60 second challenge)


60 Seconds on the clock,
time is passing slowly by.


60 seconds in a minute,
60 minutes in a hour.


24 hours in a day,
7 days in a week.


Time is passing by,
60 seconds at a time.


Time has a root of 60,
and it goes on from there.


60 seconds on the clock,
the clock that will never stop.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I started writing this for the heck of it, and while I was writting I found myself checking the clock to see if it had been 60 seconds, so I changed it into a sixty second challenge.

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Wow! This is awsome!

Another amazing piece! :o stiff competition! I really like the way it happened quite serendipitous! Great work!

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Lol, Thanks! I like how it

Lol, Thanks! I like how it turned out!