I'm standing at the rivers edge
Was no one really there
I'm standing at the rivers edge one step then go no where
I have the feeling you know what cold air
I got the feeling that no one really cares
You deserve the best nothing less leave the rest to the slut and whores
Never waste your time lookin back keep your eye on the prize
Always push stay the same never change for anyone no more
To me you are beautiful that is in the eye of the beholder
But love is never that 2 dimensional
what is love
Can I hold it. It is an abstract idea.
Ideology, theology, sociology, need psychology
Who am I. I am a number to the world, society as a whole
I am boxed and grouped into stereotypes based on truth
Why is that all I think about?
Being special.
I want to be original.
Original is not original.
It's dated and has long since spoiled past it's expiration in the sun that is our social media generation (past the expiration date that is our generation)
Analyzing originality is not original
I am a narcissistic pretentious head in the clouds hipster theater geek.
I hate others because I see myself in them.
This is what makes me a number.
This is what makes me special.
I am a people
I am a generation
I am you and you and you and you
I am too analytical
I am not special, original
I am a number
I am a large cult following
I am all alone
I am all alone in the dark
Lying here
No one here
Drinking day quill
Cuz love is life's virus
I left my faith
Why would I love a God
Who hates who I am
Waiting for a text to never come
Waiting for an answer, a voice to never call
Waiting for what
Not a chance
Hate, resentment
Already got that
No wait for an answer of hate
Need an answer for love
When society resents your choice
God hates your choice
And you have no choice
I need an angel
Day Quill take me away
Make my head a wave
Minimize the world and leave it behind
Night Quill quiet the nights
Heavy my head
Wake me up late
Make me late for life
Take me away from America
The land of the free
Home of the brave
One nation under god
Liberty and justice for all
I call shenanigans
Pure and utter bullshit
If you don't believe me
It's not faith
It's politics
It's personal
It's opinion
I'm sorry
Oh does baby want his bottle
Earn it
There are no hand outs
Oh is baby gonna throw a temper tantrum if people rights aren't taken away
You're right your freedom is to take away other peoples freedoms
Freedom is only crushed if it's your freedom being crushed by my pursuit of happiness
Monday morning i woke up sad
Tuesday night I told my dad
Wednesday I cried and cried
Thursday I almost died
Friday came and then
No sanctuary for my weekend
Saturday I tried to cope
Sunday brought no hope
Monday morning I understood
Tuesday would bring no good
Wednesday came and then
Thursday night would mark my end
Friday morning no one knew my name
Soon the news would spark my fame
Monday I became a household name
Samuel turner out with a bang
Where is the end of life and love
And understanding
Where is the line between liberty and faith
Why should others views limit my rights
Judge my love
Decide who I love
Abominate my love
Care who I love
Limit my love
Monday morning I'm called a fag
Tuesday let the cat out the bag
Wednesday everyone knew
Thursday brought hate and so much too
Who am I suppose to be
Can I not just be me
Not in today's society
It's already chosen for me
A separation between church and state
Ha! Guess America forgot where we stand
When it comes to discrimination and hate
We need to help America out if you got the hand
Churches say that Jesus loves me
Yet All I see is the WBC
Until you can be free
America isn't ready for me

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-Make me late for life-

-Make me late for life- inside so many ?'s, clarity! Nice line full of possibilities.

Lady A