I wanna burn something beautiful

I wanna destroy something beyond recognition

I wanna hurt something powerful

Before this feeling's gone in an instant

I wanna fight someone weaker than me

And have my feelings unravel from bunches

Let them feel my insanity

As their face connects with my punches

But I can't act upon it

So I won't act upon it

These feelings aren't ideal

So I'll pretend they aren't real I've come undone

There's no way to overcome

So I'll wrestle this inner lunatic

And hope it won't come out in public

I wanna scream for hours

Until I feel alright again

I wanna tear down buildings a towers

And then recede back into this emotional den

I wanna make a mess of things

Until there's nothing left

I wanna wreck everything

Until I don't feel so repressed

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DaddyO's picture

Interesting title

I do most of my envying in silence.  Though the title does give me additional fodder for thought.  


"Tantrum" was the title knocking around my head as I read this. 


I liked this poem very much.  

thepinkfedora's picture

We had a hard time with the

We had a hard time with the title, thank you so much though.

allets's picture

Sounds Hormonal

PMS IS JUST LIKE THAT! SO IS MENOPAUSE. Envy is wrong title assuredly: PURGATORY, THE RANT, MY CATACLYSM, PUBERTY, THE VORTEX - poem is  too powerful for mere envy. I'm jus sayin. :D