Special Every Time

My Love

you love me, its special every time
it keeps me on my feet happily
never leave, it can be experienced for eternity
shy by the brilliance of your intense eyes and luminous smile
turned on by your effortless style
your a magnetic appeal that is incredibly breathtaking
something sexy about the skin your in that has my bones aching
your captivating mystery lures me, it gives me things to think about
lovemaking, audible strokes with seductive moans
there's no sleep between the sheets, cold sweats under red-light zones
i have to touch and kiss, an affectionate slave to your everlasting wish
show me where, tell me how you want it there
butterflies fill me with your hearts embrace, drowning dry in your
pillow-case affairs.

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your ruling the way that i move, i must breath your air
you can rescue me this is my prayer, if you were always mine
i wouldn't want to go to heaven, mesmerizing flawless beauty,
essence from an exclusive blessing
a goddess reborn, you were sent in flesh to teach me
forever grateful to you, and the ways that you've reached me
beyond your perfect face, i love your heart mind and spirit
the prototype to my romantic dreams, the themes to my love's lyric
inspiration- you've shown me how deep love can be
your worthy of ultimate praise with roses at your feet
forever i'll love you, i miss you my wife to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by my amazinggg talented boy <3

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