Bet it all on DeSantis

I see the headline in the Times

No, this ain't a joke

The op-Ed focuses on

Ron DeSantis vs a mind that's woke


If I was was a betting man

This is what I'd do

I'd always bet on black!

Ha ha. Just kidding with you


If you are up against 

A mind that is woke

You have a big advantage

So take a break

Have a smoke 


A mind that is woke

Is probaby not getting enough sleep

It must be tired

It would probably prefer counting sheep


While a mind that's gotten plenty of rest

In my opinion, that's the mind that is best

Ron DeSantis would never permit his mind

To be so abused 


As a matter of fact, from what I read

And everything he's done or said

His mind has barely ever been used!


Bet on DeSantis, it's money in the bank!

Guaranteed you'll win your money back

And don't listen to Wesley Snipes


I'm sure that Wesley's very nice

But I would definitely think twice

Before taking advice from a man

Who went to prison for not filing his taxes!

Go ahead, listen what I said

It's ok to bet on red! 



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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Everyone is asleep

Some are just dreaming that they're awake : )

Teytonon's picture

I agree totally. It reminds..

I agree totally. It reminds me of a prayer my friend used to say at night when he was a kid..

Now I lay me down to sleep

These hunger pangs are running deep

If you see me, please don't wake

Unless you're giving me burgers and a shake 

Where has the innocence of childhood gone?


lyrycsyntyme's picture

We've lost that sense of humor that helps guide us through

..the struggle. And that innocence? I believe it's been left outside the pulsing wires of our most modern existance. Only that, inside it's us that are the neglected dogs being rained on.