There’s a poem by TSE about a man you see 

Felt he lost his way Can we relate today 

Some measure their lives in tweets 

Follow hashtags 

I may be an elite old gasbag 

Think I long to be 

In early last century 

I like to hear uh things from 

The modern era

I’ll give you proof 



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Impressive allusion to Old

Impressive allusion to Old Possum at the beginning of your poem.  I spent two of my four years at college studying his stuff intensely.  While I do not think he was the literary dictator that his most devoted followers thought (and to which I agreed prior to 1979), I was glad to see his star fall a bit, and his prose criticism pretty much discreditedby now.  Eliot's great work was his poem, concluding with the Quartets.  The rest of it was like Pound's Cantos---a colossal failure.


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Reply to you

Hi. I wish I could speak intelligently about it, but my knowledge is practically non-existent. I knew of Prufrock anyway. Know nothing about Pound. Any recommendations?

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Prufrock would approve I

Prufrock would approve I think. I do :D slc Cute write



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reply to you

Hello again. I don"t take flattery so well. So go to ****. We have to laugh sometimes. Hope you can. Thanks again.