He stared down at the paper

But the paper stared right back

Thought he'd have a break

So he went and got a snack

He came back with a vengeance

And a cup of Java Joe

Sharpened up his pencil

But the paper said "HELL NO!"

So he chewed upon the pencil

'Til he nearly had a stroke

He tilted back his chair

And rocked it 'til it broke

Picked himself up off the floor

And paced it to and fro

'Til finally it occured to him

What makes a writer so

"I think I have the key!", said he

"Although it may sound trite"

"I must have something great to say

Before I start to write!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes we get so wrapped up with the mechanics of writing (poetry or prose) that we forget rule number one: HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY!

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Lola Margot's picture

Don't be mad I came back and saw this one. Now I am feeling a bit ashamed (LOL) 'coz mine arent saying so much importance (LOL). Sir, you hit me with this one..Damn.