I give up on Love and happily ever after I am just going to focus on God

 my kids my health and the friends I do have but as far as Love I give up I try so hard

 to show this man how much I love him but all we are ever going to be is friends and I just

 have to except that so I am done trying all it is ever going to be for me is him so now I have to

 focus my life on God and my Church I give up on Love,

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re comment

your trying to hard,just let it happen instead of making it happen
too many divorces and break ups wait for the right person...

ron parrish

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You may feel, you may choose,

You may feel, you may choose, to give up on love. But love may not choose to give up on you. And i don't say that in a way that belittles or scoffs or denies the realities of how you feel. I just say it to tell you that we don't know how these things will end, because of the human element involved. Perhaps the bleakness covering your efforts is just for now. Whether he eventually wakes up or you come to find you can love someone else and they, in turn, love you. Focusing on your endeavors is good, but don't bury the hearts while the bodies are still living. Take care.