on the back of his Vespa

he keeps me on a string

choking is better than crying all the time

so fuck it at least I’m trying


he can say he wants to give me the world

before he’s even seen half of it

trust is something

I will give you without second guessing

I don’t think I heard my heart screaming


I want a new spring with every human

but I keep turning back and

I have left a trail of

fucking frost again

I have spiderwebbed the ground under our feet


I can’t help but hold it in my fingers

and end every day with frostbite

I have not found my April


I leave sunflowers everywhere

and lose them all so fucking fast

there comes a point where

planting is just a way

to get through to the next disappointment


there comes a day when

I have to face it

maybe I am just



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Written 11/8/21

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Spiderwebbed Ground

I try to leave a place and the people there better than they were before I came, more enlightened when I leave, on occasion dazzled. Leaving frost with each step, for me a long ago trail, now waiting for death as gratiously as I can. All these words - nowhere to put them.