Love makes it hard to breathe


Love makes it hard to breathe


you might think that’s

a good thing

it’s not

it is



the ends of my throat shriveling under matches

when I can’t breathe without you



when I can’t feel my hands

free and falling

then weighed down

wanting nothing

else but this



the weight of you

on my mind

when I can’t sleep or wake up

when I don’t want to move

fearing if I move I’ll cry or explode or laugh or lose you or

all of the above


It’s too many beautifuls to think this is real

when I’m in your arms and we are

sleeping or awake or somewhere in between

when I look at you and

this heart is too full to breathe.

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Written 12/1/18

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Luv Poems For Every1

Poet says what many do not know how 2 say. you go! ~s~