with you

wondering why your lips are chapped

I think

I could tell you

it’s not a crime

if you keep it


(I know I

for one

have tucked that kiss

in too many pockets

and I wouldn’t want it

to be different)


wondering why

all these days

I spend with you

go by too fast

when you see no future

and the haze keeps all of us quiet


wondering why

I’m still not shivering

so close to you


wondering why

you can’t see

this beauty this mess

why no one gets tired

of being around you


wondering why

it is so damn easy

when I’m alone

to picture

him loving you


wondering why

I am not the one

who gets told

I am too easy to talk to



I’ve answered now

why you are the magnet

and I am the poison


I curl myself around you

I’m sorry

I keep trying

I will never be enough

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/31/17

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Mandy23's picture

Very emotional and

Very emotional and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing.