talk to the stars


what a perfect night

nothing better to do

than to sit down and talk to the stars.


tell them about the orange i ate this morning

and the songs we keep on stumbling

and all the beatings of my heart.



i wish someday we could meet

but sometimes your light finds me here.


tell them how

sometimes i care too much.

sometimes i forget to tell you how much.

sometimes there are no words left to spin into silver.


i cut off my hands because maybe then i can give you more.

won’t be stuck in this shell

with no golden hearts

trying to capture all the girls i’ll never be.


or maybe

just sit here

dreaming of planets

where no one has to shift the blame


take back the silent strangers

give me hurricanes instead

give me poetry and open highways

and corner cafes and music that won’t go quiet


give me something worth remembering,

something the stars might listen to.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/13/17

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is the goal, to write
"...something the stars might listen to."