Favorite Untitled


You are my favorite spot in the world.

You are my favorite place to dream.


You have my weight on your shoulders,

my world in your eyes.

You can write my fears without asking.


All the things inside my head

will not show up in these words.

This is the kind of fire you have to touch.


You know,

I try so hard to answer you

but I can’t use a pen

to show you how you make me feel.

So when I don’t know what words to use


you are my favorite untitled.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/29/17

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allets's picture

"you are my favorite untitled."

Great close - like a neat bow on the present - we turn into little kids jumping up and down going "wowie!" - not really, "real cool" maybe, because it's rad and represents! :D