Live On Tiptoes (day 199)

We could have danced all night and played the music loud

but the flash

of course

was blinding


We lived slinking on the stone wall above the jungle ceiling

but the jump

of course

was fatal


In the face of endings

we look to you,

we still think you have it all,

we still live on tiptoes,

the eccentric who have spent a lifetime

carving out a space for themselves

that few will ever see


And as the train grows

I’m lying here and dreading it,

we are not another carving on the wall


They’ve always thought

I spend too much time inside my head

all I want is to prove them wrong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/11/17


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allets's picture

I Read This Four Times

Amazing writing - slc



DaddyO's picture

Leaves me guessing

I very much like this;  especially how you structured the layout of your words.  

allets's picture

Make That Ten Times

There is soooooo much here. You have proved them wrong - You may never can live anywhere else except in your head. Still amazed! - allets -