Tongue Twister (Slam Poetry) (day 188)

there’s almost too much of a tongue twister in your name,

roof of my mouth soiled with the aftertaste,

spilling rivers into footsteps flaring imprints on the forest floor,

framing what I thought I could reforget

and I’ve told you not to attack this tongue,

manipulate this marvelous,

teeth thrown into a whirlwind

before you understand me,

crack this crumbling code and remember

you could become as much mine as my heartbeat,

this could be breathing but it feels like so much more than that,

like I don’t have to think here,

kick the dust up behind you before you realize the road’s paved,

memorize the click of my copper-cut fists,

and every time I turn around and see you like this

it’s like


I don’t realize I’ve been holding my breath.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/31/17


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