You're a new one (day 179)

From a distance I could see you

as any of the faces I’ve tried to lock in the back of my mind,

anyone I’ve tried to let go of with the palms

that have held tears as well as they hold people.


But you’re a new one-

up close I can’t see you

as any laugh except for

the teasing one that makes you look like we could lasso the sun.


Up close I can’t see you

as any hands except for

the ones that look so different so much the same as mine

and maybe they hold tears too.


Up close, even when you’re tired

I can still see the life that wears you like a second skin

You can make yawning attractive.

Tell me that’s not hard to do. 


I want to buy something with you

even if it’s just a desk lamp,

I know we can make enough light in this room

without even touching it.


I want to leave something behind with you,

maybe a gravel road in flames at dusk,

maybe the words you’ve regretted regretting,

maybe fearing broken glass,

if we’re cut open bleeding it’s just ecstasy in a warning sign.


I want to save something with you

even if it’s just a dream,

even if it’s just reality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/22/17


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