She Tastes (day 152)

She tastes like broken sunshine

I could hold in the palm of my hand

when it’s too dark to let it go.

She tastes like a sugar bowl

that’s been left out in the rain.

She tastes like remembering things I can’t forget

and forgetting things I don’t want to remember.

She tastes like cracked fingers writing in the sand,

names over and over and over

but never the same one twice.

She tastes like I finally know why

nothing before this has felt right.

She tastes like the keyhole I look through to make sure

the answers etched into her veins like rivers

are still there.

She tastes like darkness swallowing

all the claws that reach for me through so many cities.

She tastes like watermelon seeds and orange peels

soaked in the sun.

She tastes like a falling star.

She tastes like somehow

I have fallen in love with myself again.

She tastes like…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/27/16

Writing in the sand

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allets's picture

"I have fallen in love with myself again."

"watermelon seeds and orange peels/soaked in the sun" nice image. Flavorful write - slc