Wings (day 149)

I love on wings

but they never last.


All I know is paper feathers

painting angels on my doorstep,

I sweep them up

like they’re all I’ll ever need,

like the only reason I know how to fly

is because you gave me these wings.


Paper feathers fill my heartbeats,

swirling into nothing

when you mold me into a wave

like the shore is all I’ve ever wanted


Paper feathers are fitting,

they can stand stronger than me

I’m more fragile than shreds

As you pass they flinch before I even react,

stop beating to hang in midair


There are things you say in


you would never say in


so I laugh as the sun goes down


There are things I would do

that I would never even write


As I take these paper feathers

bury them in collateral

I know how fast I’m free falling


I’ll leave my heart at the door

and my tongue in your mouth

but when I love

I give them


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/24/16

Paper feathers

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A Progression Of Wings

Essence of flight, mechanicis of flying, definitions and ways of flying - full circle when it ends with a nice climax. (yes, raise brows here). :D