Quiet like a Crown (day 147)

I wish I lived like I was made of glass

I sit here doing nothing but aching

Quiet like a crown makes you stay so soft

I want to be tender but I’m breaking


I’ve spent too much time under the lights

That’s what you get for speaking out

But when the world hears this titanium voice

I want to laugh and cry, set off this shout


Living like every question, every answer is yes

I don’t know if it’s worth the cracks

I wish I could tell you to speak all your truths

You could try it but you won’t last


Make words into dresses, your tongue into smiles

Give me a raincoat in a downpour

Make your roaring sword into a silver spoon

I wish I could live just a little more


But I don’t have much I haven’t already screamed

I miss talking a battle cry with all this noise

You’re a queen, love, wear your quiet like a crown

This world doesn’t listen to a gunshot voice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/22/16

The crown

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allets's picture

"...every answer is a yes..."

I know about living like a question and I had to practice saying no. Otherwise, I would have been stuck in somebody else's questions. Great write - queen quiet - nice - slc