Wild (day 146)

I have never written

like a petal,

words perfectly placed,


pauses perfectly positioned

like curves

down the slope of the mountainside,


soft dirt spilling

through my fingertips,

sifting through only the best earth

to grow my syllables,


picking colors so they

blend like a sunset

and I can sit there

at the end of the day

knowing I gave exactly

the colors the world needed.




I write like a



shadows unable

to shame me,

waterfalls unable

to drown me,


just enough wild

to snap in the air

as I try to crack this world like a riddle

bleed it wide open

I can wield this art like a knife

like a drug


giving everything everything

too much of everything,


but still the wild waxes

and I stretch to every ceiling,


choosing words like a twister of seeds

scattering to whatever

wind I let loose


and the more I push through

my soil

my skin

my soul

the more that grows.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/21/16


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Sweet Line

"...just wild enough to snap in the air..." love this line - Snap! - slc