Amber Burn (day 134)

How many lies have I built?

I’ll splinter them with these words killing me,

consume them with this fire-breath love


When I burn with this much fierce

all the colors I’ve ever seen

are shades of blue hallucination


It feels so real

when I explode like a dam, like

I thought I could sob out this love-



I know I always mix crying

with this fire that aches in my chest

and that’s why it glows like a skylight.


Put your wings up so I can share them

and give this choking flame a different voice,

from stabbing blue obsession to an amber glow


I’ll stare at the ground,

I won’t miss you with saltwater

I’ll offer up my candlelight


I’ve never wanted someone to

hurt and be happy so much.


Now I’m through with blue fire…

let the amber burn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/11/16


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Love Should Glow

like a skylight! Yes! - allets!