Cappuccino (day 102)

Dusty, slippery, cavalcade

can’t bear to hold your hands

Done with all the magic

just catch me if you can


Wide eyes, blank stare

wishes don’t run countries

Trip over cappuccinos,

stumble back to these realities


Wonderland was clear today,

dream again, keep hope

Spend pennies and monuments

your mountain fits my slope


But you think my air’s too thin

mountains fit better with valleys

Don’t slip, don’t hide, don’t fantasize

I dare to bury all these memories


Warm rivers in my throat mean winter

but I can’t shiver alone in this cold

So I drink this cappuccino

like I’ll have a warmer day to hold

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/4/16


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allets's picture


To hold warmth in your hand as sippable and delicious - nice. And appropriate for the season as well - Getting it together with a warm cup a cap - :D slc