Keep Our Heads Above Water (day 105)

He’ll pull voice boxes out of our mouths

until we forgot we could ever speak,

stretched into strings so we can’t help but follow

Can’t find your way

if you’re not allowed to carry a candle

Can’t speak those names

if you’re too afraid to whisper

So we’re on the road that crumbles

but we can’t let ourselves lose our voices


Read my lips so we can carry

scars and mended love to the light

Leave your pen under my pillow

give me melodies to piece together stories

so even if this past is forgotten

I’ll have a reason to bleed

We must write

so that our words don’t shake to bones

We must write

so that at least we don’t drown

We hold letters aloft and voices up

like air tanks and inner tubes

keeping our heads above water


And if we’re brave enough

when we’re brave enough

we’ll climb on top of the lighthouse tower,

spend them like a beacon

to lead the ones without voices to the light.


You have not lost your voices, after all

You have only misplaced them.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm skipping ahead a few days in the writing challenge, but only because this one is relevant now- you can probably guess what it's about.

Written 11/9/16


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The images are great!

The images are great!

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I Love Lighthouses

I adore poetry about writing - letters to the sky, that's us! Good one - wishing you a happy day.