Until Later (day 97)

I wish I could cross my arms

and cross your mind

But instead they hang straight down like unwanted leashes,

holding me to this heart


Of all your souls scattering like suns,

I am not the best of them

I’m just another way to suffocate your drawn out chains,

building a mountain in five days

to leave behind when you escape

to the deep cuts in your sandy rib cage and hollowed lungs


Knowing this,

I still slide up your mouth like water

I won’t breathe you into oxygen

I won’t taste you until later

I can’t harmonize with your sly slips away every time your dry memories make a chasm you can gift to me

when I’m still miles behind


Of all the holes you dig

to throw away your old body and carve new saltwater limbs

and part the seas, pretend to

make me invincible and bring me home

I am not the best of them.

But I won’t be the worst.


Until later,

my past murmurs

and I loosen my clasp on your fingers

so you’re one with the sea.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/31/16

Until later

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allets's picture

Very Surreal

The dream impacts now nicely - slc