Sound Waves (day 91)

Only you have ever said my name

the same way I hear it in my head.


You chant and murmur until

I’m a statue stuck on the wrong pedestal


I’m longing for whispers

I only heard from you once

but they’re just what I thought I needed


I’d rather hear new music

than this song as old as time

I don’t want to hear what I’ve expected anymore

I want to bend to a brand new sound

because after all the lights went out

I felt your hand on my shoulder

saying the same words.


But maybe I don’t want to keep

sighing at sound waves like they’re sunrises.


I’m so soft here I can’t be broken…

I can no longer hear you saying my name

the same way I hear it in my head.

Good riddance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/25/16

Good riddance

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allets's picture

Don't Know

what I'll do with that phrase ~ too many things to be rid of with joy! Cool write. Deep ~A~