Stone (day 90)

If I’m a stone let me be

Let the world play tricks on my crumbling dust

but still feed me at the end of the day

in colors I can’t help but breathe in


If I’m a stone smooth me over

Hand me a brush so I’ll look like myself again

Live in a cave that wraps the water around you

like the one at the edge of my bed


I might sleep with danger

knocking at my door

but it’s better than sleeping alone


If I’m a stone hear my silence

like I’m letting things happen to me

but trust me, every time something hits

I take in the current and let it mold this heart


If I’m a stone let me be

If I’m the peaceful rushing sound

of this planet, hear me sing

Live in a stream where you let the world

form you instead of break you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/25/16


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allets's picture

Now I fel like a stone too

Nc wag the of a word around resilience. Well said. Stone brushes - nice. ~A~