Elusive (day 89)

Can I choose what to keep

and what to lose and what to hide

Can I push back the river

so you can cross the bridge I can’t hold


You can be the revolution I almost fight

You can be the promise

you forgot to remember,

the lines I’m always waiting in without falling

I’ve found forgetting to be easier


I’ve found three chords in the wind and still

I can’t find my voice in the wild summer

It’s elusive like storms in your gulf shore eyes,

like the colors on my gray pages,

like the laugh you left on my doorstep…

just something you forgot to tear from my grip

when you walked out the door


I would say you’re darkness

but that would be a lie

You’re not the absence of light,

you’re the absence of change

as I clasp my fingers tighter to any fire I can find

that singes off memories of you

as I bite my tongue in this tunnel I keep trespassing

and try to hold them still


I’m waiting for when this starts to feel like family

But I swallowed three sunsets

and you’re still not back


So the sunsets burn in my throat,

tease my lungs as they go down laughing

So the sunsets tell me the tales I already know

mistakes and giving up and moving on

But if I have to let go of something

can I choose what to lose

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/24/16


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Goodness, you understand

Goodness, you understand choice.

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Magnificent Composing

"...I swallowed three sunsets..."


Only a skilled and gifted writer can swallow sunsets and be absolutely believed! The rant rocks! ~A~