Break Like A (day 74)

Break like a fever,

never believe her,

sweet tongues and shivers,

swear to the sea


Break like the ocean,

set in slow motion,

pour me love potion,

arms around me


Break like a heartbeat,

addicted to bittersweet,

awake till our paths meet,

wish I couldn’t see


Break like a new day,

echo what I say,

don’t bet on yesterday,

go ahead and leave


Break like a bone would,

pain tears it’s so good,

don’t do what we should,

explode just like me


Break like a spotlight,

daydream at midnight,

kiss and kill out of spite,

I need something to scream


Break like a knife blade,

I’ll torch what you made,

disarm you as the lights fade,

what do you mean


Break like you broke me,

leave her as lonely,

kiss me to turn on me,

what do you need

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/9/16


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Very good, I read it three

Very good, I read it three times. 

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Neato Content

Fabulous wielding of balanced syntax. The rhythm belies the depth of the denotations. A fine verse. ~A~