People Don't Trust Us (day 69)

People don’t trust us, they put us in boxes,

they shake their heads when we tell them the truth

You’re just a child, you don’t know the world

even when we tell them

some of us have been through more than you can ever dream


Just because our eyes opened later than yours

doesn’t mean we have no voice, we have no mind


If you leave us on a cliff to live and learn

seems to me like it’s your job to listen

to what was below it, what took a bite of our soul


Count your blessings, they’ve always told us

but sometimes our ears are still ringing from the battle cries and gunshots

and our blessings cower in the face of danger


When we scream they cover our mouths, turn our heads

We’re just the bounty, the price they paid for all the sunsets

And if they combine us in our cage into one soft whisper from the dead

instead of a million shrieking lonely voices

it’s much easier to deal with


Now we’ve come out the other side of a tunnel they can’t see

Now our stories are written but left forever unread

You’re just a child, you don’t know the world

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/6/16


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There is no escape, it takes time and there is seldom enough. The judgment made, the label sticks until when. "I had no idea you were capable and so very very wise!" Hey, you did not hear or observe or feel beyond your ill conceived opining. Yes, to this poem. ~A~



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daaaaaamn. Intensity!

daaaaaamn. Intensity!