I need something to do with my hands (day 66)

hair in my face

couldn’t keep me quiet

limits you had listed

couldn’t keep me in the lines


there were times when

i would bite my lip

just to see if you’d notice

turn around enough degrees


there were times when

a blink was amplified

to the summit of a mountain

maybe it was morse code

(or something)


there were days when

hair in my face was for

foolish impressions instead of

a whip from biting breezes,


instead of i need something

to do with my hands

now that i can’t lose

my fingers in your hair


there are days where all i do

is play with the edge of my shirt

now loved and frayed

like we could have been


how many days will it take

before i stop looking for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/3/16


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Yo say the precise thing sooooooooooo well ~A~