Questions that will never be answered (day 64)

I think I might ask too many questions


How I couldn’t pick you out from the top of a ski slope but I found you so fast in a crowd


How the first word I said to you didn’t come out wrong


How of all the humans walking the earth in that place at that moment, the one you kept cutting in line for was me


How your smile sounds like a fireplace

even when we’re in a freezing dark gazebo, embracing the almost dawn and trying to hide from the ones who pull us apart


How you can’t leave now became you can’t stay but you can’t walk away without starting and not finishing our last conversation


How I could cut the strings, how I could say goodbye without wrapping it up and presenting it to you like a memorial with a five hundred pound weight attached to it so you won’t go


How the hell I managed to keep my eyes open that night until the glowing cracks of dawn


or then again how I could have ever fallen asleep on that picnic bench before even midnight, without knowing you yet


Questions that will never be answered…

those are the kinds of questions we ask

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Written 10/2/16

Cracks of dawn

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You Write Nice Stories

They pull the reader in and make it impossible not to read the next verse. Awed and content inside this vignette of your voice. ~A~