Nothing Really Matters Here (day 56)

You don't give me a word and now
you give me every word but
I'm kidding us, nothing really matters here
It's just a day or two, it's
another dimension, a cross between
dreams and drinks and high stakes and reality
You give me so many signs, you give me
banter and little half grins but I'm different
and you're the one who matters here
The gift of a second, a handshake, quick retort
We're not the faint hearted but our last sentence is
my fatal flaw, I've always clung too hard to humans
Lying and leaving, swallow my broken speech
as I stand at the bottom of your steps
too scared to climb but chained to stay
Keep me together, you broke my wall
now take turns, our eyes pulling each other apart
across the room, none of it really matters here
Living, loving, as we fall from a sky
that was never painted blue (or red or green or gray) 
or any color other than the one I see in you
But how can I give you colors in a day
I don't know if you're pastel or power
and as the two a.m. world cracks we're strangers again
You give me almost every word
you don't give me the words I want but
none of it really matters here
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/25/16

Strangers again

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Yo stuff is nice indeed.

Yo stuff is nice indeed.

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I Wish To

memorize this poem and recite it at parties, prefaced with "This is my favorite poem this year." So balanced, a hand stitched patchwork quilted poem. ~A~



You rock!






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Think that might be a little

Think that might be a little much? Lol thank you so much, that means a lot!!! writing spills out from everywhere, there's so much talent in the world, the year's not over yet.

200...yeah, that snuck up on me fast. I've spring-cleaned quite a lot of my past writing off here, so this is a quite selective 200, but I appreciate your always supportive comments! :)

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james