Afternoons in August (day 36)

I crack the window,

inhale and emerge into stillness,

surrounded by sweat and tired cicadas


We take comfort in the concrete

roughing up our heels

as we sprint past sweet nostalgia

in the middle of the summer haze


When the sun melts away all the oxygen

the world is asleep

but weeks trickle by, oblivious

There’s something freeing about

being frozen in time in the summer


We taste the carefree paralysis

when hot air decides to fade and

silence all the spheres

Then suddenly we’re breathing the rain

Our voices echo in the steam and storms


We sink in and out of consciousness

along with the longest days,

seeming small again

in the face of the season that wraps me in warmth

when I slip out the screen door


Afternoons filled with spice and summer,

leaning on the one who makes me whole.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/6/16

Summer haze

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allets's picture

Nice Imagery


"...Then suddenly we're breathing the rain..." Time and transcendence while basking in the presence of the season of summer is soothingly subjective - enjoyed biggly - slc