Always Wondered (day 21)

I always wondered what this would be like,

shining words like a light on your skin

Throwing away verses till the rain comes down

and pins us to the silent walls again


I always wondered how I would stand on my tiptoes

and send you a lightning bolt in the dark

Cashing in years of writing things I don’t know

for the home I’ve found in you, making its mark


I always wondered why I couldn’t build towers,

standing here it’s all worth shattered pride

I stopped wishing when I found you and now

free falling is easy when you stand by my side


I always wondered how heartache was sweet,

I can’t pour out enough music to say

It’s not only bitter, it’s a million gathered moments

that I still won’t give back, even now you’ve turned away


I always wondered what this would be like

if I had a chance to go back in time

I would choose to break so many times again

just to write, for a moment, that you were mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/21/16

Always wondered what this'd be like, wish

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So SSmoothiesque, this poem. The clock keeps moving forward. - Lady A -