Tears (day 2)

Tears slip down the edge
of a world I wish would stay
Where you were never more
than two flights of stairs away


Tears fall like the water
in that twilight swimming pool
And I’m trying not to wonder
if you see the same things I do


Wishes snapped in two
with the miles we’re apart
It’s gonna have to get easier
since I can’t find you and restart


I would have a reason for these tears
if I could knock on your door someday
Who am I kidding, I could
but I won’t torture myself that way


I won’t tell you that I miss you
I won’t give you that much weight
I won’t hope anything will happen
I won’t think of you so late


And at sunrise every morning
I’ll live without you hanging on my brain
Open a pathway through these tears
Stand straight- even though I’ll fall again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/10/16


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Gone And Remembered

sometimes gone is good, sometimes sad. Tears. ~A~