you're the one with no regrets


You have the stamina

to make the city fall

You have the gasoline

to drive me up the wall

But I can tell when we’re together

you’re still making a movie

Playing back in your beautiful mind-

everyone you’ve needed before me

You have the energy

to keep the music loud

You have the prophecy

to make my heart hit the ground

But you’re still taking mental pictures

when I’m locked up in a reverie

Who do you imagine with your pretty fingers

whenever you follow my fantasies?


You were the lion’s den

I tried to fight through by your side

You were so immediate

I should have known you’re still a child

Only once I’ll hesitate

thinking of your pretty face

But lose comfort, chide myself,

no, turn your head back, leave no trace


You have the love-note handwriting

You shed the tears that were meant to be mine

I was the moon to your planet

now I’m spinning away in a crooked line 


You stole the painted masterpiece

that was our eternity yesterday

You pierced the void of thinking we could

erasing everything I wanted to say


You have the remedy

to leave here with no regrets

You have the sanity

to keep my ghost from your bed

But every time I fall asleep

it’s me who’s seeing blue

I can’t help that my memories there

will never let go of you


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/15/16

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Dream Memories

nice concept!