I Was Loved.

The moon winks across

my face, I lie alone

lost in darkness.

Sorrow clings, no hand

will trace with love again.

So long ago....

I was loved, so long ago.




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What's Interesting

is that we are all loved by somebody all the time - sometimes just not the one we want though, but we are never totally loveless. I am amazed to learn someone cares for me that I ignored for years and finally they declared - we are quiet about who we love and should be more vocal - to raise spirits. At least the corner drunk homeless guy who smells loves me. Like that! :D



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I miss being the 'special'

I miss being the 'special' person in someones life, first we are all important to our mother or father,  then a husband and then children,

but one loses parents, a child marries or moves on, a husband walks away and suddenly we are not that 'special' person to anyone any longer, merely a name on a list, and that brings its very own kind of 'alone'.