Another Chance

The darkness fell from the promise land

Cascading down to the vast land of sand

As the light slowly faded from sight

Everyones spirits turned hopeless and black as night

Cast a shadow upon the sun

Their lifeless bodies weighed a ton

Shadows are all that remains

As the dried blood starts to stain

A thousand screams I hear at night

The torture they felt was a terrible sight

Death walks by unseen, unknown

The victims whimper and moan

For Death has come for them

As the fresh crimson blood shines like gems

They fall far beneath the darkness

There they saw the creature who was heartless

As the angel of death came nearer

The sky became much clearer

It arose from the darkened sky

A rain of colours fell and washed away their lies

The rain brought the colours of the world alive

Death went back to darkness where he could survive

They were given a second chance

A chance to live and dance

The bright savior has faded away

I feel we'll meet again though, someday

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Naushin Sadozai's picture

Good one, this is really nice

poetvg's picture

i like this one

Leah Hayes's picture

Very well done..smiling

Nicole.J.Burgess's picture

"Death went back to darkness where he could survive"
This line really caught my eye, but I did like the whole thing, it flowed well and it wasn't too wordy which I think is probably the biggest mistake writers make.So good job and keep writting


cyst's picture

I think this poem is fairly awsome. It paints really good imagry in my head, and has a good point / message. For me this poem is about suicide. It depicts suicide well, for me.

I just dont know why you choose to spell color as if you were french. Its like when people are talking about a kind of magic that isnt in any way wiccan, though they spell it like magick.