Funny Poem

Oh no not slurry season again!!



The smell is worse than sweaty feet,

It pervades both night and day,

A seriously nasty sniff,

To take your breath away.


For grass to be so sweet and green,

It needs that fertilising,

But that slurry smell works

Harder than sarin gas or ricin.


I hold my breathe, I close my eyes,

And still my nose it wrinkles,

I pray that smell has gone away,

Cause poison gas in a blink kills!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No 65 Wrinkles. 

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We sneaked a kiss down by the lake

and it was such fun to get it

I wish that I could get one more

to savor and relive it


He was such a handsome lad

and I was just thirteen

but Momma said, There would be no more

for my first kiss, she'd seen 


But late one night I heard a noise

and I stole outside the door

we went to the lake and sneaked a kiss

just like we'd done before


Oh woe is me, Ma found me out

and she had a bloomin' fit

and when she was done with me that night

I could barely sit


So I'll postpone this kissing thing

till maybe when I'm older

that gives him time to grow up too

and to get a little bolder





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