Like a child who never fully matured.

Like a lion for everything she has endured.

Like an angel with the inocence she posseses.

Like a movie star when ever she dresses.

A confidaunte is her when ever you needed.

Never ever pretentious hurtfull or concieted.

Never ever judged although people judged her.

A carer a comfertor a councilor is her.

A daughter a sister a friend and a wife.

Loving to everyone throughout her life.

Never ever hurting cruel or unkind.

She has never had confidence in her own clever mind.

Wisdom is her as she always knew.

What when and how to say the right things to you.

If my mother had a career she would be at the top.

Her career has been her family,she gives everything much more than she has got.

My mother is an Angel she deserves a halo and wings.

I know in my heart god will provide her with these things.

God keep you safe untill that time is near.

Mother i love you you are preciouse  dear.  


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my mother for her 60th birthday

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A Whole new World

Today I leave to start my new life
Leaving behind all my worries and strife
My family I take with me in my heart
In them I take strength for my brand new start.

To Spain I am destined a place in the sun
With the love of my life 'aren't I the lucky one'
We are free as birds with not care or a worry
taking life easy in no particular hurry

escaping the rat race and