Deadly                     Daisy

Obelize                    Olympic Arms

Nasty                       Navy Arms

Appalling                 AAI Corporation 

Legecide                  Laser aim model 4

Dacnomaniac          Daisy Model 600


Treacherous            Tango 51

Repulsive                  Randall

Unjust                        Union Firearms

Manipulating            M24 sniper rifle 

Parasite                     Pancer Jackhammer 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trumps gun laws. Speaks for itself.

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Liar Liar Your Pants Dude

Mr. T still wants to get rid of Mueller and his researching folks who can read between the lines. Connect the dots and the picture is - COLLUSION DISGUISED AS TREASON. The Presidency is protected - he won't see prison for any offense (maybe history will alter that judgment this time if Mueller has country endangerment documents). Russians have been killing all over the world with no one saying anything until now. See what threatening usa with nukes gets you. Shut down espionage networks worldwide. Guns? Citizens do not need mass killing weapons. Except for 9/ll no weaponized bomb bodies in usa yet. Insane people improvise. Limiting guns another way to fill prisons that are now privatized - the drug dealer is perceived as black or mexican but when some Senator's son or daughter goes to the executioner's block - hmmmm... The prison conspiracy public relations campagin via Washington, D.C. will have to do somehting else to fill beds. So much for conspiracies. Trump is a liar, dishonest, integrity deficient, and has dirty laundry. I can not wait to see the fake news run over and over his march from the Oval. Great Poem - slc



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If Trump were not a public

If Trump were not a public figure, no accusation of slander could be made.  And no poem of this sort would be necessary.  No one has a monopoly on either truth or accuracy, so Sunflower, you keep sharing your perspective.  If share by enough, tides will turn.


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Interesting..mIf you think

Interesting..mIf you think australias gun laws work you are wrong. the reduction in mass shootings was because they raised the definition of mass shooting ftom 4 to 6 and the stats dropped dramatically. Plenty. more than double by old standards of 4  and there are plenty of illegal firearms. Plenty of shootings not reported on. This  is because they  often happen in rural places or gang wars. And the policy is not to report these.  But since youre at it, ban cars,  they are the biggest killers, airplanes and trains. ban psychotropes yhey are a big factor in all killings, knives and of course people. Reality check.  two things. The world was milking america dry paying for peace. Hillary and her lot destroyed dictatorships that stabilized the most volatile areas. Now they have completely destroyed syria with  a fake arab spring many false flags invented and armed many more anti American groups.. Your steel companies have shut down due to  tarrifs from every other country. I cant get an american make where i live or in any of my favourite countries to stay in except one because tarrifs make it far too expensive. You dont really manage the drug problem because one leaky border pours in product from all countries and you worry about one person and lay blame. The facts are clear in many mass shootings the police and Fbi register did not work or cross reference for the gun check. These guns are also bought illicitly you wont stop someone who is hell bent on it. Big pharma also patents chenical treatments and deny natural remedies because they can not patent it and make money off it. The FDA has approved many world wide banned foods and drugs its astounding. And you think this all happened because a president is in power? Allso many verterans and people who are on managed income can not buy guns because of the old ruling meaning vulnerable people  were not allowed to purchsse a weapon to protect themselves.  but people reported to police and fbi but not convicted though many calls were logged and attended by police 37 times infact this did not get on the register... if trump was listened to and link the proper data banks this would be less likely to happen legally. I stress legally because there is no control of illegal aqusition of firearms. If you take guns from the people you must also take guns from your army and police to avoid tyranny and being taken over by mans ambition. Thats what your constitution is for. Trump is a dick but he make sense. He has inherited a mess. It seems nobody really wants to fix it. They want profits to keep pouring out of the  country with big business who invest it in other developing markets in other countries. Approximately   Just buy doing what everyother country does he is rejected?  Im not pro guns. I'm pro facts.  I wish i could understand the mentallity. But i simply cant. The poem is good it inspires discussion. Something very much needed in the world. Enough of belief statements lets just nut out a way to fix the world and keep it free. Well a bit of it. Blessings ss

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Great points raised. I agree

Great points raised. I agree with most of what youv said. Thank you for your comments. 

Take care x

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Thankyou for being so

Thankyou for being so gracious :) hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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She is gracious, as all of us

She is gracious, as all of us who disagree with the current divisive politics, can and ought to be, because you were gracious, too, and did not call her a name.