Shaken, not stirred By jfarrell

Shaken, not stirred

By jfarrell


(as James Bond likes his Martini’s)


My name is Jim, not James;

Association is what gives definition, gives meaning;

‘James’; my first associations are James Bond and King James;

As you see, very stirred, not shaken.


I come from a scumbag family on a council estate;

I speak with a stutter

And am as courageous as a cockroach.

I can’t be a James.


But a Jim?

Short, insignificant, as important as that bug you just squashed?

I can be a bug. I’m that big and brave.

I’m Jim.


And my drink of choice?

Put everything and anything you want in that pot,

Shaken or stirred….

My name is Bug…. Jim Bug…. and I’ll drink anything

Author's Notes/Comments: 

can't bare being called james.... it's just a name.... my nname... but i can't bare it - my nname is jim, like a bug